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The broad range of solid carbide end mills from MMC Hitachi Tool.

The Epoch21 series end mills make up the most extensive range of micro-grain solid carbide substrate for die-making and mould-making.

Cutting-edge miniature end mills

EPDBP Epoch Deep Ball Pencil Neck
EPDRP Epoch Deep Radius Pencil Neck


With the machining of deep ribs and slots as well as the machining of deep contours of up to 35xØ in precision parts in mind, MMC Hitachi Tool has developed the new micro-grain solid carbide miniature series Epoch Deep Pencil Neck, which is available in two versions: ball-nose and toric. Up to now, this type of machining had involved highly time-consuming EDM processes.

With the Epoch Deep Pencil Neck series, the user now has the necessary rigidity and requisite extended tool lifetime to make this type of complex milling operation economical and dependable. Needless to say, this applies equally to the use of high-speed machining (HSM) and materials with a hardness of up to 70Hrc.

The benefits that this new series of end mills provides are largely the result of developments made by MMC Hitachi Tool in tool und cutting geometry and coatings technology. The wholly revamped under-neck section used in the Epoch Deep Pencil Neck series, coupled with its optimised length ratios, have increased the resistance to breakage by 200% and significantly reduced the risk of tool breakage.

This is achieved thanks to the effective under-neck length at 0.4° & 0.9°, as well as the radial transition to the shaft which, in turn, is rounded off with a neck angle. Added to this is the back-draft cutting geometry with smaller contact area which, when machining long overhangs especially, has a very positive impact on the quiet running characteristics, surface quality and dimensional accuracy as it suppresses chattering vibrations.

What’s more, the end mills come ready coated with MMC Hitachi Tool’s new NANO PVD TH45+ coating. This new coating, which has already proven its worth in a number of applications, enables significantly longer tool lifetime when machining hardened materials, especially in dry-cutting. Another feature of the Epoch Deep Pencil Neck end mills is their increased effective length which is especially apparent with existing draft angles.

Example: When machining a workpiece with a draft angle of 1° using a radius end mill with a radius of 0.5 mm and an under-neck length of 10 mm, the EPDBP Epoch Deep Ball Pencil Neck with a neck angle of 0.9° offers an effective length of 11.2 mm, while the EPDRP Epoch Deep Radius Pencil Neck with a neck angle of 0.9° offers a workable reach of 11.24 mm. By comparison, conventional geometries only allow for an effective length of 10.8 mm.

Product Details / Technical Data

Features EPDBP Epoch Deep Ball Pencil Neck:
Tool type:Solid carbide miniature radius end mill
Material:Micro-grain substrate
Radius tolerance:± 5µ (0.005mm)
Dimensions:R0.1 (Ø0.2)mm up to R1.5 (Ø3)mm
Effective length:up to 35xØ
Taper:0.4° and 0.9°
Types available:50
Features EPDRP Epoch Deep Radius Pencil Neck:
Tool type:Toric solid carbide miniature end mill
Material:Micro-grain substrate
Corner radius tolerance:± 5µ (0.005mm)
Dimensions:Ø0.2mm up to Ø3mm
Corner radius:0.05mm up to 0.5mm
Effective length:up to 35xØ
Taper0.4° and 0.9°
Types available:32


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